Here are several sites, magazine article’s and radio interview’s for my book My Angel My Hero.

  1. Magazine – Faith on Every Corner- My Song of Rebirth and Spring along with poem called Easter Poem. It can be found in their online Digital magazine- in their Spring 2020 edition. Https://
  2. Spin&Chat Radio-UK-Ian Johnson/Ron Clark – Website- go down to evening show-Ian Johnson/Ron Clark at 9:20-11:15pm(UK)time. I am 3/4author on Show- schedule lookup for April 15, 2020-evening show.
  3. Spiritually Raw radio show- go to- Episode 324:My Angel My Hero.I am second speaker on show. Click button on middle for my half hour show.
  4. My book is also on and on for your reading and review. Https://
  5. Book interview-Aryeman Influencer- look for My Angel My Hero written by me. Or go to Look for June 2020 review.
  6. Review on on her blog just enter My Angel My Hero by Brenda e McDaniel to find interview on her blog.
  7. My book is being given away free on Goodreads now June 2020 on group giveaway- For Love of Books-must leave review.
  8. Cheryl Crofoot Knapp- digital magazine- my book review- just look for my book My Angel My Hero. Site-
  9. Dove Winters-book interview -blog/website-
  10. The Writer’s Magazine-interview- November 2019
  11. Cheri White-book interview on her blog- Look for my book My Angel My Hero.
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